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BioTensegrity Focused Dissection

  • University of Dundee - College of Life Sciences Dow St Dundee, DD1 5EH United Kingdom (map)

Join Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey with Joanne Avison and other special guests to conduct a Biotensegrity-informed and Biotensegrity-focused Thiel soft fix dissection of human cadavers in Dundee University, Scotland in 2017 during the month of June 30th, to July 1st (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). This will be a unique educational event and one not to be missed.

John Sharkey is a Clinical Anatomist, Exercise Physiologist and founding member of the BioTensegrity interest Group (B.I.G) and Founder of European Neuromuscular Therapy. John provides unique Biotensegrity focused Thiel soft fix dissection courses with invited guest speakers on an annual basis.  

John is joined on this three-day full body dissection course by Associate Professor in anatomy and embryology, Jaap van der Wal. Dr Van der Wal worked at and completed his research at the University of Maastricht, Holland. Since his graduation as a medical doctor (1973), he became anatomist-embryologist and specialised first in the functional anatomy of the locomotor system. In 1998 he graduated as MD in this field by a dissertation on a ‘trans-anatomical’ view on human propriocepsis (sense for posture and locomotion). He functioned as researcher and teacher at various university institutes for Anatomy and Embryology in Holland. Gradually he also developed as a teacher in Philosophy of Science and in Medical Anthropology with themes like What moves us? What motivates us to move? What has natural science to tell about that? “My passion however was and still is Human Embryology. The human body is a process, developing and functioning in time. The embryo moves, behaves in forms. The fields of study Kinesiology and Embryology meet at the domains of movement, motion and form. Methodologically they join in the (Goethean) phenomenological approach of Dynamic Morphology. For me Dynamic Morphology appeared to be the key for bridging between the domain of 'natural science' and 'spiritual science'. I apply the method of dynamic morphology to understand what we actually are doing as human beings when we are embryo. Science and religion, matter and spirit, body and mind, macrocosm and microcosm, creation and evolution meet each other in the phenomenal process of becoming human. With respect I can find in the human embryo cautious answers to questions as to the meaning of human existence. This approach offers a healing of our modern reductionistic view of ourselves as walking brain machines”.  

Joining John will be Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau. Dr. Guimberteau, a plastic surgeon, specialised in reconstructive general surgery and hand and microsurgery. He is the co-founder and scientific director of the "Institut Aquitain de la Main". He is member of the French Hand Society (GEM),  past President 2012 of the French Plastic and Reconstructive surgery society (SOFCPRE), and member of the French Academy of Surgery. He was a member of the Health Service High Authority from 2007-2010. He was trained in the Hand and Plastid department of the Bordeaux University. During this surgical training, he was one of the pioneers in microsurgery and transplantations. He introduced innovative concepts in hand anatomy, physiology and secondary flexor tendon repair; he has been supported for many years by Pr Cl Verdan and Pr H.E. Kleinert. He is a pioneer in endoscopy exploration of the tissue organization of the human body. Director and Producer of many videos on living matter and has developed a new concept on living tissues and proposed a new ontology for human interior architectures. 

John is also joined on this three day full body dissection course by Joanne Avison a Structural Integrator (IASI) and an early graduate of Tom Myer’s KMI school (1999-2001). Joanne became a Certified Teacher of Kinesis, before designing the yoga teacher training programme. Her considerable experience in both movement and manual therapy inspired the school’s unique approach to yoga and anatomy. Joanne is also a CMED Graduate (2004) and has studied extensively in human development as well as specialising in soft tissue and the links between archetypal behaviour and physiology. Her intensive studies include Human Dissection and movement research in Fascial Fitness with Robert Schleip. She is a certified Craniosacral Practitioner and her early background in art & design always informs her lively approach to teaching and learning. Joannes new book entitled “Yoga. Fascia Anatomy and Movement” from Handspring Publishing is now available.Reserve your place now in this course to be delivered at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee, Scotland and join us for a unique exploration of human anatomy, through the art of human dissection, with a special emphasis on BioTensegrity (Levin), Embryology and the continuity of the human form.

More details of this truly exceptional education experience will be posted shortly.

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