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BFS Pre-Conference Day-

At the Biotensegrity BFS Pre-conference Day, each of our expert presenters will be sharing the secret of how Biotensegrity provides the hidden logic behind their expertise at the leading of edge of their field of discipline. Whether you are a movement, manual or medical practitioner, you cannot afford to miss learning this new logic behind how the human body moves and communicates inside and out. You will learn how the human body connects and corrects itself. You will discover how you can see more clearly, make sense more easily, intervene less and achieve more for your clients.

Biotensegrity forms the bridge that walks us from classical anatomy and biomechanics to the modern science of 21st century, living human body architecture. It makes fundamental sense of so many questions arising in the anatomy classroom, the science laboratory, the therapy room, the athletic field, track or course, the gym and even someone’s guided personal practice at home. As this keystone concept is being realised and researched around the world, it is becoming more and more popular and its essential to know how it applies in practice and the difference between the mysteries revealed and the myths or misunderstandings that go with any new paradigm.