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Biotensegrity BFS Pre-Conference Day Solihull, UK 2018

This one-day conference brings together an amazing line-up of no less than seven international experts.

Delegates will get to listen to, learn from, meet and speak with all of our biotensegrity experts. Can you afford to miss being up to date on the most exciting development in manual and movement therapies?

The day involves a number of short and longer dynamic presentations with amazing movement entertainment reflecting the true nature of biotensegrity-based motion. Lots to keep your mind alert and to satisfy your thirst for new ideas, new models and new paradigms.

The BFS Pre-conference day will provide you with the knowledge and science reinforcing a global view of our human architecture. Biotensegrity is the hottest topic in movement and bodywork science.

If you are attending the BFS conference then why not add this extra day and make it a full-on immersion into the exciting world of bodywork science.

It is unique to bring manual and movement therapists, exercise specialists and medical practitioners to work together to bridge the gap between the medical and complementary medical worlds. Biotensegrity is the glue that binds. The day will involve keynote speakers and shorter presentations and demonstrations.

Our great value early bird price includes tea/coffee (available all day) and a hot or cold buffet lunch.

Fur full details visit the website by clicking here.