Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey is a world renowned presenter and authority in the areas of anatomy, bodywork and movement therapies.

John Sharkey MSc

John Sharkey MSc

KeyNote Speaker

Get your convention off to a great start with a keynote speaker that brings vast experience of presenting to international audiences. John delivers inspirational messages on the topics of bodywork and movement therapies.

John Sharkey MSc is a clinical anatomist, exercise physiologist and neuromuscular therapist with 30yrs experience. Presentations can include bespoke short courses, masterclasses or workshops. 

Dr J.C.GUIMBERTEAU EndovivoProductions

Dr J.C.GUIMBERTEAU EndovivoProductions


Anatomy for the 21st Century

Based on the life work of his mentor Stephen Levin MD John's unique courses and classes all centre around the model of BioTensegrity. It is rare to find a professional who has attained formal qualifications in human anatomy and exercise physiology providing evidence based explanations and hands-on applications for successful therapeutic interventions in the war on chronic pain and positive health actions. 

Presentations and Speaking

Presentations and Speaking


Workshops and short courses are provided on a wide range of topics related to human movement, Biotensegrity and bodywork therapy. Titles include:

• Fascial Applications. Facts, Values and Material Matters
“Take out” fascial applications in Physical Medicine.

• Fibromyalgia and the myofascial trigger point connection.

• The body does not stretch it glides.

• The fallacy of biomechanics

• Did Newton "got it wrong"?

• Is bone fascia?