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BioTensegrity Focused Dissection Seminar, Dundee University, Scotland

These dissections represent the Worlds first Thiel Soft Fix Dissection courses with a BioTensegrity focus, The dates for my next course in 2019 which will run over three days include: Thursday June 27th, Friday 28th, and Saturday 29th. Invited speakers at this special three day event will be orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau (strolling under the skin), pathologist Dr. Neil Theise (Interstitium), embryologist Dr Jaap van der Wal (fascia sparring dissection), Anatomist Dr. Vladimir Chereminskiy (plastination). Regular team members include Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey and surgeon Dr. Gil Mendez, with biotensegrity interest group experts Joanne Avison, Leonid Blum, Graham Scarr and Dr. Wilbour Kelsick.

This unique three day dissection course takes place at the College of Life Sciences, Department of Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee, Scotland. 

Come join us this summer 2019 when a group of world-renowned experts including specialists from embryology, biomechanical engineering, molecular biodynamics, anatomy, anatomopathology, Yoga, Pilates, Neuromuscular Therapy, Osteopathy, Biotensegrity gather in Dundee University to propose a new concept of living matter underpinned by the model of Biotensegrity.

Participants on the course will be invited to ask questions and share their vision with this panel of recognised internationally respected authorities.
Following this inaugural meeting it is proposed that the consensus from this gathering of leading scientific minds will be submitted to the scientific press.

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This rare and unique three-day dissection course involve's the use of soft fixed cadavers using the Thiel soft fix embalming method. The cadavers exhibit a greater degree of flexibility and true color retention compared to that of traditional formalin-fixed cadavers. Each day will involve a short presentation before moving into the dissection room where under the guidance of clinical anatomist John Sharkey you will participate in a life-changing educational and transformational  experience. There will be time for questions and personal inquiry. This is a rare opportunity to explore the human form and John's team of experienced experts will do all they can to support you. 
Biotensegrity will be our main theme in the course providing the foundation for our understanding of the continuity of the human form. 
A special focus will be around the subject of Embryological Origins; on a scale of softness to stiffness (of soft tissue) throughout our lives. Considering that we live and develop between conception and elder hood, as a tensioned network that relies on BioTensegrity organisation to grow and change and emerge differently, at any point in time; over timeā€¦. in a continuum. 

Explore how movement and form, in BioTensegrity architecture, are exquisitely interrelated from conception and throughout life. 

Expand your perception of our self-assembly and how humans as the architects become or respond to our loading history?

Question how does appropriate stiffness relate to tensional integrity and elasticity in motion; from the cradle to the grave?

Witness the tensional nature of the body while we discuss how we grow what we are looking at in the dissection; such as the heart, the limb's and viscera.

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