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3 Day Human (Full Body) Dissection, University of Dundee

Are you a manual therapist or movement practitioner who places an educational value on human dissection studies? Whatever your stripe human dissection will provide you with a unique lifetime experience that has the power to change your clinical practice forever. Having the guidance of clinical anatomists who understand and appreciate human movement in a comprehensive manner will shape and inform the way you treat patients and provide motion prescriptions. Therapists including osteopaths, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, sports medicine doctors and surgeons (to name only some) will all benefit from participating in a course of human dissection.

Join Joanne Avison, Willem Fourie, Graham Scarr, Leonid Blyum and other guests with me in Scotland for three days of anatomical exploration and enlightenment. My friendly experienced instructional team will guide you through the dissection. You will be a member of a team that will investigate superficial to deep structures, identifying fascia tracing the path of the nerves and blood vessels to their termination. Your exploration will include the spinal cord, heart, lungs, organs, joints and the cranium. Students compare and examine the same structure on multiple specimens. Learners touch the mobility, density and position of the various connective tissues (Fascia) of the Mesokinetic Organ (Levin, Scarr. 2012) throughout the human body.


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BioTensegrity Focused Dissection Seminar, Dundee University, Scotland

These dissections represent the Worlds first Thiel Soft Fix Dissection courses with a BioTensegrity focus, The dates for my next course in 2018. The course will run over three days including June 28th, 29th, and 30th. In 2018 I will be joined by Dr. William Fourie, Joanne Avison and friends. To book your place and to find the full details go to:http://www.ntc.ie/course/uk-courses/human-anatomy-dissection-seminar-dundee

This rare and unique three-day dissection course involve's the use of soft fixed cadavers using the Thiel soft fix embalming method. Our cadavers now exhibit a greater degree of flexibility and true color retention compared to that of traditional formalin-fixed cadavers. Each day will involve a short presentation before moving into the dissection room where under the guidance of clinical anatomist John Sharkey and his team of experienced dissectors you will dissect a specific area. There will be plenty of time for questions and personal inquiry. This is a rare opportunity to explore the human form and John's team of experienced tutors will do all they can to support you and make this a unique educational experience.  We also hope to have an opportunity to investigate areas of participant's own interest.

Sample topics: BioTensegrity- Genetics, Kinetics and Synergetics.
This three-day course involves short presentations from John Sharkey, Joanne Avison and guests. Following short presentations learners will be brought through a short health and safety presentation and then immediately begin dissection having familiarized themselves with the local anatomy and topography.
Biotensegrity will be our main theme in the course providing the foundation for our understanding of the continuity of the human form. 
A special focus will be around the subject of Embryological Origins; on a scale of softness to stiffness (of soft tissue) throughout our lives. Considering that we live and develop between conception and elder hood, as a tensioned network that relies on BioTensegrity organisation to grow and change and emerge differently, at any point in time; over time…. in a continuum. 

Explore how movement and form, in BioTensegrity architecture, are exquisitely interrelated from conception and throughout life. 

Expand your perception of our self-assembly and how humans as the architects become or respond to our loading history?

Question how does appropriate stiffness relate to tensional integrity and elasticity in motion; from the cradle to the grave?

Witness the tensional nature of the body while we discuss how we grow what we are looking at in the dissection; such as the heart, the limb's and viscera.

Full details and Registration: CLICK HERE

 Join John on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.sharkey.925

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Austin, Texas USA – September 7th, 8th and 9th 2018

A Body at Peace from A Body in Pieces

A Paradigm Shift…New Vision in Bodywork and Movement Science

Are you eager to dive deeper into the intersection of living anatomy, fascia and movement?


This ground-breaking workshop with clinical anatomist and movement educator, John Sharkey,  in collaboration with Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, will take you on a visually rich journey of our human embryology and self-emergence. You will experience the integration of science, theories, evidence and lots of “real-time" kinesthetic experiences” … creating a visual and sensory feast, so you leave with tactile knowledge of the true nature of our human architecture.

“We can begin to see that a change of tension anywhere within a biotensegrity system, such as the mid back, is instantly signaled to everywhere else in the body chemically and mechanically. This structure works equally well right side up, upside down, in the sea, land, in the air or in space. It resolves many of the inadequacies of present biomechanical models. ” …John Sharkey, MSc

We will compare and contrast a linear biomechanical approach, to this pioneering, biotensegrity “Helical body” approach of continuously tensioned contractile fascial fabric…”Anatomy for the 21st Century”!

Full details and bookings: http://internationaltherapyevents.com/texas-2018/


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8:00 AM08:00

Surgical procedures-Anatomy-New Course

This course is suitable for clinical anatomists from both academic and clinical backgrounds who are involved in teaching clinically applied anatomy relevant to clinical procedures at undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels. Contact me directly: john.sharkey@ntc.ie


24 (4:1 ratio of delegates to cadaver)

Stations include:

Regional anaesthesia: Paravertebral & brachial plexus block, epidural spinal block/lumbar puncture

Airway procedures: Intubation, video laryngoscopy, surgical cricothyrotomy, difficult airway access

Thoracic access: Thoracostomy & thoracotomy

Cranial access: Burr hole & Craniotomy

Orthopaedic procedures (upper limb): Fasciotomy & carpal tunnel release

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9:00 AM09:00

BFS Pre-Conference Day-http://bfspreconferenceday.com

At the Biotensegrity BFS Pre-conference Day, each of our expert presenters will be sharing the secret of how Biotensegrity provides the hidden logic behind their expertise at the leading of edge of their field of discipline. Whether you are a movement, manual or medical practitioner, you cannot afford to miss learning this new logic behind how the human body moves and communicates inside and out. You will learn how the human body connects and corrects itself. You will discover how you can see more clearly, make sense more easily, intervene less and achieve more for your clients.

Biotensegrity forms the bridge that walks us from classical anatomy and biomechanics to the modern science of 21st century, living human body architecture. It makes fundamental sense of so many questions arising in the anatomy classroom, the science laboratory, the therapy room, the athletic field, track or course, the gym and even someone’s guided personal practice at home. As this keystone concept is being realised and researched around the world, it is becoming more and more popular and its essential to know how it applies in practice and the difference between the mysteries revealed and the myths or misunderstandings that go with any new paradigm. http://bfspreconferenceday.com

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8:30 AM08:30

Biotensegrity BFS Pre-Conference Day Solihull, UK 2018

This one-day conference brings together an amazing line-up of no less than seven international experts.

Delegates will get to listen to, learn from, meet and speak with all of our biotensegrity experts. Can you afford to miss being up to date on the most exciting development in manual and movement therapies?

The day involves a number of short and longer dynamic presentations with amazing movement entertainment reflecting the true nature of biotensegrity-based motion. Lots to keep your mind alert and to satisfy your thirst for new ideas, new models and new paradigms.

The BFS Pre-conference day will provide you with the knowledge and science reinforcing a global view of our human architecture. Biotensegrity is the hottest topic in movement and bodywork science.

If you are attending the BFS conference then why not add this extra day and make it a full-on immersion into the exciting world of bodywork science.

It is unique to bring manual and movement therapists, exercise specialists and medical practitioners to work together to bridge the gap between the medical and complementary medical worlds. Biotensegrity is the glue that binds. The day will involve keynote speakers and shorter presentations and demonstrations.

Our great value early bird price includes tea/coffee (available all day) and a hot or cold buffet lunch.

Fur full details visit the bfspreconferenceday.com website by clicking here.

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Fascia Considerations for Surgeons-Dissection course 2018

This 5-day course, which is exclusive to surgeons, involves the use of fresh frozen cadaveric specimens. Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey (BACA) will lead dissections identifying anatomy relevant to a wide array of surgical procedures on fresh frozen cadavers ensuring we preserve tissue planes while simulating the surgical experience. Surgeon's will appreciate that fascia is a vital structure and knowledge is required to reduce surgical insults and prevent nerve damage. Anatomical knowledge of fascia is necessary to protect, and, if damaged, reconstruct. Full details are available on application. 




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BioTensegrity Focused Dissection

  • University of Dundee - College of Life Sciences (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey with Joanne Avison and other special guests to conduct a Biotensegrity-informed and Biotensegrity-focused Thiel soft fix dissection of human cadavers in Dundee University, Scotland in 2017 during the month of June 30th, to July 1st (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). This will be a unique educational event and one not to be missed.

John Sharkey is a Clinical Anatomist, Exercise Physiologist and founding member of the BioTensegrity interest Group (B.I.G) and Founder of European Neuromuscular Therapy. John provides unique Biotensegrity focused Thiel soft fix dissection courses with invited guest speakers on an annual basis.  

John is joined on this three-day full body dissection course by Associate Professor in anatomy and embryology, Jaap van der Wal. Dr Van der Wal worked at and completed his research at the University of Maastricht, Holland. Since his graduation as a medical doctor (1973), he became anatomist-embryologist and specialised first in the functional anatomy of the locomotor system. In 1998 he graduated as MD in this field by a dissertation on a ‘trans-anatomical’ view on human propriocepsis (sense for posture and locomotion). He functioned as researcher and teacher at various university institutes for Anatomy and Embryology in Holland. Gradually he also developed as a teacher in Philosophy of Science and in Medical Anthropology with themes like What moves us? What motivates us to move? What has natural science to tell about that? “My passion however was and still is Human Embryology. The human body is a process, developing and functioning in time. The embryo moves, behaves in forms. The fields of study Kinesiology and Embryology meet at the domains of movement, motion and form. Methodologically they join in the (Goethean) phenomenological approach of Dynamic Morphology. For me Dynamic Morphology appeared to be the key for bridging between the domain of 'natural science' and 'spiritual science'. I apply the method of dynamic morphology to understand what we actually are doing as human beings when we are embryo. Science and religion, matter and spirit, body and mind, macrocosm and microcosm, creation and evolution meet each other in the phenomenal process of becoming human. With respect I can find in the human embryo cautious answers to questions as to the meaning of human existence. This approach offers a healing of our modern reductionistic view of ourselves as walking brain machines”.  

Joining John will be Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau. Dr. Guimberteau, a plastic surgeon, specialised in reconstructive general surgery and hand and microsurgery. He is the co-founder and scientific director of the "Institut Aquitain de la Main". He is member of the French Hand Society (GEM),  past President 2012 of the French Plastic and Reconstructive surgery society (SOFCPRE), and member of the French Academy of Surgery. He was a member of the Health Service High Authority from 2007-2010. He was trained in the Hand and Plastid department of the Bordeaux University. During this surgical training, he was one of the pioneers in microsurgery and transplantations. He introduced innovative concepts in hand anatomy, physiology and secondary flexor tendon repair; he has been supported for many years by Pr Cl Verdan and Pr H.E. Kleinert. He is a pioneer in endoscopy exploration of the tissue organization of the human body. Director and Producer of many videos on living matter and has developed a new concept on living tissues and proposed a new ontology for human interior architectures. 

John is also joined on this three day full body dissection course by Joanne Avison a Structural Integrator (IASI) and an early graduate of Tom Myer’s KMI school (1999-2001). Joanne became a Certified Teacher of Kinesis, before designing the yoga teacher training programme. Her considerable experience in both movement and manual therapy inspired the school’s unique approach to yoga and anatomy. Joanne is also a CMED Graduate (2004) and has studied extensively in human development as well as specialising in soft tissue and the links between archetypal behaviour and physiology. Her intensive studies include Human Dissection and movement research in Fascial Fitness with Robert Schleip. She is a certified Craniosacral Practitioner and her early background in art & design always informs her lively approach to teaching and learning. Joannes new book entitled “Yoga. Fascia Anatomy and Movement” from Handspring Publishing is now available.Reserve your place now in this course to be delivered at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee, Scotland and join us for a unique exploration of human anatomy, through the art of human dissection, with a special emphasis on BioTensegrity (Levin), Embryology and the continuity of the human form.

More details of this truly exceptional education experience will be posted shortly.

For details and booking click here

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